Best for Plastic and Rubber Industries

We have come forward as one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of  VinGran®. Other than this, Vin Industries has introduced  range of pre-dispersed rubber chemicals like curatives, accelerators, activators, blowing agents etc.


VinGran® S 80 is 80% dispersion of Rubber maker’s Sulphur (CAS #7704-37-9) in a suitable polymeric binder medium, available as granular pellets. Designed for uniform valcanization with good scorch safety, our precious customers can avail these at industry leading prices.


Following are other benefits of using VinGran® S 80 against powder sulphur:

  • Better Scorch Safety
  • Much Improved Tensile Strength
  • vingranImproved Compression Set
  • Improved Tear Resistance
  • Equivalent Hardness
  • Better heat ageing properties


VinGran® is available in 25kg bags.

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