Vinflex® Series


How Vinflex Works
Vinflex reacts with moisture when it is in the process of conversion into vapour and gas. It binds with H2O molecules to form stable compounds.

vinflexApplications of Vinflex

  • Mineral filled PP compounds
  • Pressure-less Continuous Curing Systems like micro-wave, LCM, fluid beds or hot air
  • PVC plastisols
  • Carpet-back layers
  • Polysulfide, Nitrile and Silicone compounds
  • PU systems, for example in PU flooring

Vinflex® Advantages
Using it would help with moisture related problem, especially in removing pinholes and streaks/blistering on surface and in reducing porosity.


  • 1kg. packets
  • Convenient to carry
  • Customized packing

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