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ABS Plastics

ABS Plastics


Large volumes of electronic equipment, computer peripherals, washing machines etc are recycled upon reaching their useful End of Life. AcryloNitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) is recovered in the process and is recycled.


Recycling of ABS and other styrenics is difficult compared to other polymers as ABS has higher tendency to absorb moisture.

Commercially available desiccants do not disperse easily in ABS leading to poor moisture scavenging. An unintended side effect is that it also makes the recycled polymer rough.


ABS / Pro is a specially modified processing aid that enhances properties in recycled ABS. Not only does ABS / Pro remove moisture completely at fairly low dosage, surface smoothness is also maintained.

Impact + is useful for increasing Impact strength in recycled ABS.

Contact: Mrs. Lata Pant