ScrapAlloy™ Recycling Aid

In production units where many polymers are used, generally the scrap generated is not kept separately for each polymer. The realization of such scrap is low, as the different materials are not compatible with each other.

It is also difficult to identify different materials in scrap form. ScrapAlloy combines streams of mixed polymers such as HDPE / PP, PET / PE, Nylon / PE (laminate film scrap) etc. and converts such stream of mixed scrap into a useful product.



The general principle of Polymer Alloying is to reduce interfacial energy between two polymers in order to increase adhesion.

Generally, adding ScrapAlloy also results in finer dispersion, as well as more regular and stable morphologies.

Adding ScrapAlloy generally increases mechanical performance and surface properties. ScrapAlloy™ acts as a solid surfactant to increase interphase adhesion and create alloys of commonly used polar polymers and polyolefins.

A dosage of 2% to 4% of  ScrapAlloy is recommended.

ScrapAlloy is available in 25 kg bags.

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