Processors of plastics products, in particular those who use recycled plastics, face problems like:

  • Plastic Carry Bags

    Plastic Carry Bags

    Fish Eyes

  • Pinholes
  • Silver Streaks
  • Poor Strength
  • Reduced Surface Finish

Simply using standard desiccants does

ChamakShakti, that works great when used.

Major benefits of ChamakShakti are mentioned under:

  • Acts as a moisture remover (desiccant)
  • Removes moisture related problems like pinholes, silver streaks and fish eyes.
  • Absolutely pure in quality
  • Increases the strength of finished product like garbage bags by increasing the elongation
  • Increases production
  • Reduces machine load

Stocked at a number of locations across India, ChamakShakti is available 1 kg packaging materials.

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