ProcezAid, an  additive that works as an recycling aid.

Recycled HDPE Products often have poor shine and surface finish and is also low in strength.

HDPE Pipes

HDPE Pipes

ProcezAid enriches with essential chemicals to enhance the entire of reprocessed HDPE products, so that its marketing becomes easier and it is well appreciated by the customers.

Benefits of ProcezAid:

  • Increases the process ability of low MFI polymer
  • Substantial increase in rate of production of pipes
  • No need to add moisture powder separately
  • Improves the strength & surface finishing
  • Also reduce the pinholes
  • Give its full weight in final product
  • Dosage 1% is sufficient

How ProcezAid Works:

ProcezAid forms a layer on the inner surface of barrel which act as lubricant & increases the rate of production.  It lowers the viscosity of plastic melt, increase the MFI & process ability of polymer matrix.


Available in 25 kg bags having 25 packets of 1 kg each .

To know more about ProcezAid, Please visit ProcezAid website