ProAid + for increased filler loading in PVC pipes


Increased cost pressures & competition have forced processor to increase filler loading (i.e. increase the amount of fillers like Calcium Carbonate) in PVC pipes, profile etc.

PVC Profile

PVC Profile

Often increased filler loading is associated with deterioration of the physical property of the products, most notably the impact properties of the finished products.

With the addition of ProAid+, the original physical / mechanical properties of the polymer are maintained even at higher filler loading .

How ProAid® + Works

ProAid® + lowers the viscosity of the PVC Resin which increase fusion among different constituents in vinyl formulation and also disperses mineral filler better bond with the polymer, so it is possible to add more filler.

Application of ProAid® +

PVC pipes and profiles

ProAid® + Advantages –

  • Improved impact properties or increased filler loading
  • Improved mechanical & physical properties
  • It increase melt flow rate hence, it reduces machine load


ProAid® + is available in 25kg bags.

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