Pipe Manufacturers

Vin Industries offers products that serve a wide variety of pipe manufacturers.

For rigid PVC pipe manufacturers

  • ProAid+ is useful for increasing filler loading
  • ProAid+ can also be used to replace expensive Acrylic Processing Aids
  • Manufacturers of “commercial” pipes – i.e. Pipes with high filler loading find ProAid+ very useful to improve dispersion of fillers without reducing the strength of pipes
  • ProcezAid is used by manufacturers of ISI / BIS type of pipes (i.e. pipes with low filler loading) to increase flow and output
  • ProcezAid is used by manufacturers of SWR pipes, and molding manufacturers to improve surface finish and to reduce roughness.

For HDPE pipe manufacturers

  •  ProcezAid is used by manufacturers of HDPE Pipes to increase flow and increase smoothness of the pipe
To know more about ProAid, Please visit ProAid website www.proaidplus.com
To know more about ProcezAid, Please visit ProcezAid website procezaid.vin.co.in