Injection moulders waste time, money and productivity during following :

  • Colour Change
    Streaks of the earlier used colour can keep appearing in the new colour, thus causing contamination and loss of productivity and profits.
  • Material Change
    Changing polymers can sometimes contaminate the next polymer for a long time.
  • Black Spots
    Another problem area is appearance of black spots in clean, transparent polymers like PC or GPPS or Acrylic.

The solution is using Purging AgentsVin Industries represents Dyna-Purge, world’s foremost purging compound in India and neighboring countries. Dyna-Purge is mechanical / non-abrasive purging compound.




  • The composition of Dyna-Purge is thermoplastic (non-chemical) blended compounds in polymer carrier systems with scrubbing granules
  • These Dyna-Purge granules soften on the outside, but remain solid on the inside
  • Hence, the screw and barrel are scrubbed safely and thoroughly without wear
  • Dyna-Purge DOES NOT use aggressive chemicals / acid / alkalies like most other purging agents.


  • Minimize Downtime and Reduce Scrap
  • Easy to Use
  • Safe for Operators and Processing Equipment


  • Dyna-Purge products are available ex Stock from our warehouses.

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