VinTuff – Low Profile Additive

VinTuff additive improves the interface between polar polyester resins and inorganic non polar glass fiber/ filler such as clays. Vin Industries is  offering Vin Tuff Addtive for SMC/DMC& hand lay up applications.

Chemical Composition

VinTuff is a low molecular weight co-polymer with high polarity. Polarity is imparted with the acid group monomers.

How VinTuff Functions

When VinTuff is dissolved in monomers like styrene and mixed in unsaturated polyester resin, it imparts polarity to glass fiber and other inorganic fillers resulting in better interface.

Glass fiber/clays being heavier in density tend to come to the surface making the moulded surface rough. Addition of  VinTuff promotes interfacial adhesion, thus not permitting fillers and fiber to migrate towards surface.


  • Offers smooth surface and dimension stability.
  • Improves mechanical properties.
  • Provide high gloss.
  • Also acts as a dispersing agent.


Approximately 1.5% to 2.5% of total compound weight is recommended.