Manufacturers of HM-HDPE films and sheets would like to use a larger quantity of waste injection molded / blow molded HDPE. This kind of waste is cheaper and available widely.

However, trying to use larger quantities of HM/HDPE film causes film to puncture or there is serious problem in blowing the bubble itself. Furthermore, the film is stiff and rough even when smaller amounts of HDPE are used.

Vin Industries offers additive called StrengtheX.

By using StrengtheX, film processors can add higher amount of recycled injection molded / blow molded HDPE to their Carry Bags / Garbage Bags /Sheets.

strenghtexAdvantages of using StrengtheX:

  • Increases the gloss of the film / sheet / garbage bag
  • The film is softer
  • There is increase in the softness and strength of the film
  • Higher percentage of recycled injection molded / blow molded HDPE can be used in HM/LD carry bags without compromising on the properties
  • Retained strength of carry bags even after mixing 10% extra Blown HDPE

is available in 25kg bags.

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Mr. V D Mishra