Garbage Bags Manufacturing


Garbage Bags are mostly made from recycled plastics. Similarly many varieties of carry bags are made using recycled LDPE / HDPE.  For carrying weight / garbage, it is important that the Garbage Bags do not tear and have a fair level of strength.

Because of recycling, the molecular weight of the polymer reduces. Related physical properties like elongation, tensile and other strength properties also deteriorate. Using virgin polymers is neither cost effective nor eco-friendly.

Garbage Bags

Garbage Bags

Vin Industries offers StrengtheX for improving elongation and tear strength of the Carry bags and Garbage Bags.

We have number of satisfied customers all over India.

Key Benefits of using StrengtheX:

  1. Increase in the elongation
  2. Reduction in the tearing of Garbage Bags
  3. Reduction in wastage due to the same