FillMor for increasing filler loading


Most film processors want to add even more fillers to HM-HDPE / LLDPE / LDPE films.

There are many reasons for the trend to add more fillers:

  • In regulated markets, like in India, there is a minimum thickness below which film extrusion is not allowed. This minimum limit has gone up from 20 gauge to 40 gauge to 50 gauge over last 4 years – due to Govt. mandate.
  • Because of this, the films are stronger than earlier.
  • Advances in polymer science, leading to grades like Octene and metallocene LLDPE that offer higher strength, also mean that films are stronger than earlier but can not always be downgauged.
  • Since downgauging is not allowed, processors are forced to add more fillers to reduce cost.

Vin Industries offers FillMoran additive that is custom designed to help film processors add more fillers without compromising with the quality or physical properties.

Plastic Carry Bags

Plastic Carry Bags

FillMor Grades
There are two grades offered in FillMor

  • FillMor S
    FillMor S is best suited for those who are processing white films as well as colored films. It is also the more economical grade.
  • FillMor V
    FillMor V
    is a transparent granular masterbatch that is best suited for processors who are making transparent films.

FillMor is available in 25kg bags.

Further Information:

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