Cling Film Masterbatch


Cling Film

Cling Film

Stretch cling packing is a process in which a pre-extruded tacky film is wrapped around the product such as bundle, roll, pallet load, etc. of any shape and size to impart a firm grip to the packed products.

The tacky characteristics of the film helps in self adhesion of the wrap without any external aid.

Stretch cling film can be made out of EVA copolymer, PVC, or LLDPE. The film must have an excellent elongation property in machine direction and good tear strength in transverse direction.

LLDPE is the prefered polymer for producing stretch cling film. Besides above mentioned characteristics, LLDPE also exhibits excellent draw down characteristics. Cling masterbatch is based on polyisobutene (PIB). This imparts more elasticity to develop a better cling effect.

Vin Industries
offers VinCling range of PIB masterbatches. Vin Industries is one of the largest suppliers of Cling Film Masterbatch in India. We also export this to a number of countries.

Dosing Level:
A moderate 6 to 8% PIB in the final product would give the desired cling effect. However the exact dosage of PIB masterbatch depends on the type of process and the product specification.

For better effects of cling, it is recommended to use octene based LLDPE.

It is important to note that the user should wait for 24 hours to get the maximum cling effect since it has a comparatively slower migration and PIB molecules take time to settle on the film surface.

Application Blown Film Cast Film
Silage wrap 6 to 8% 4 to 6 %
Pellet stretchwrap 3 to 6% up to 4%
Domestic cling film 2 to 4% up to 2%


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