VinAid P™ Desiccants


Desiccants for PolyPropylene (PP) Compounding

VinAid P™ reacts with H2O molecules when it is in the process of conversion into vapour and gas to form compounds that are stable at high temperatures. This prevents generation of free vapour and gas that would have damaged the product.

vinaidVinAid P™ Advantages:

Using VinAid P™ would help with moisture-related problems, especially in removing pinholes and streaks / blistering on surface and in reducing porosity.

Improving Quality For Free

VinAid P™ is priced most economically. It is sold at a price, which is less than the price of most finished products. VinAid P™ adds its own weight to the product, so there is hardly any cost increase. And it is possible to improve the product quality for free.


VinAid P™ is packed in unit pack to ensure that it is opened only at the time of usage and is not exposed to atmospheric moisture. It should not be kept in open during rainy season, during winters and at other times when the humidity is high. If stored properly, VinAid P™ has a shelf life of five months but exposure to humidity will shorten this shelf life drastically.

Using VinAid P™:

1.5 % to 3% of total compound (by weight) depending up on the polymer, process, and the level of filler loading. Mixing  VinAid P™ disperses well and rapidly For optimum results it should be mixed thoroughly.


VinAid P™ is available as Soft Granules in 1 kg. packets. Other packing schemes can be offered.

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