Vin Industries has a long established relationship with Polymer Compounders. Our customers are typically processors of glass filled or mineral filled PP or Nylon, although there are some who process ABS / PC etc. We supply following products for polymer compounders.

CompoundingVinAid P

For taking care of moisture related problems like silver streaks in the mineral filled compound, polymer compounders have come to rely on VinAid P desiccants.

VinAid P desiccants have been the industry standard for more than 8 years now. We are proud to have all the major Indian compounders as our customers.

Vin Industries offers its customers options to customize the desiccant they purchase.

  • VinAid P desiccants are offered in various packing schemes to suit customer requirements.
  • It is also possible to customize VinAid P formulation and offer either damp powder or soft granules.

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VinBond grafted resins

Polymer compounders who are processing glass filled PP or glass filled Nylon, need to use Coupling agents. The standard coupling agents are Maleic Anhydride grafted polymers.

Vin Industries offers a range of Maleic Anhydride grafted polymers to compounders. These include MAH-g-PP and MAH-g-Engage. These products are used to enhance tensile values of the end product.

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