HDPE cables

HDPE cables

It is only natural that Cable manufacturers encounter variety of problems in producing a wide variety of cables.

Vin Industries offers a range of products to the use of recycled plastic has inevitably increased and achieved a worldwide acceptance. But it often encounters issues like:

  • Surface Finishing problem
  • Diminution in tensile, elongation, physical and other mechanical properties
  • Deterioration of reapplied plastic goods

CableAid PE Works Wonders:

  • It tremendously enhances the elongation and tensile strength


    PVC Cables

  • It guarantees better output
  • Eradicates the cracking problems in cables
  • Effective in strengthening the end product
  • Saves electric consumption

Areas of usage:

  • Power Cables
  • Submersible Wires
  • FRLS Cables
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