Cable Manufacturers


Cable industry is an important segment of nation’s economy.

Common problems faced by manufacturers of low voltage cables include poor surface finish and reduced elongation properties.

Vin Industries offers range of solutions for various segments of the cable industry.

HDPE cables

HDPE cables

For the HDPE cable manufacturers, Vin Industries offers ElangoGain™ – a grafted polymer based additive solution to increase elongation.

Product Description

Manufacturers of PVC power cables often have concerns relating to surface finish of the end product.  Colour consistency and richness along with smooth surface and gloss are desired characteristics in the power cable. In some months of the year and during processing of certain batches, gloss and smoothness of the end products is not maintained.


PVC Cables

For the PVC cable manufacturers, Vin Industries offers following products :

  • CableAid – a processing aid that reduces the cycle time and increases the output.
  • ThermoMech – a cost effective processing aid that helps reduce use of TOTM.

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