Research & Development


The key to research and development is a company culture that celebrates inquisitiveness and understanding customer requirements. There is no space for intellectual arrogance, there is only the humility of a student.

research-and-dvmntIt begins with the process of research and continues with practice of undertaking an existing product to observe its formulation and make it appropriate. This process of modifying formulations of existing products (say in case of grafted resins) has resulted in creation of strikingly new variants that are useful and patentable.

Vin Industries have always emphasized on the novel product and applications. We have focused on developing solutions for the Small and Medium sized plastic processing sector in India. We are discovering that many of those solutions are equally valid in other countries.

The objective of Vin Industries is not  to indulge in basic research.

Instead, Vin Industries is more focused on developing new applications for existing products (or variants thereof).

Doing this over a period of time has meant that Vin Industries has developed a portfolio of product as well as application related patents.

We are looking forward to expand our network with people who are passionate about plastics & rubber.

If you want to work with us or have a business idea (in plastic and rubber industry domain) that needs capital and business support, we are keen to hear from you. Just contact via the form on the right.