Vin Industries is a New Delhi, India based manufacturer and distributor of additives for Plastic, Rubber, FRP and Cable  industries.

Vin Industries primarily manufactures most of the products it sells. Since 2005, it has been also working with some well known polymer additive manufacturers to introduce and take their products to the Indian plastic market.

We are known for our outstanding quality and excellence customer services. This is the reason which makes the company renowned and widely acknowledged by plastic industrialists all over India.

The company is evenly spread throughout India with huge sales network  spanning 30 cities in India.  We also have our distributors in India as well as international distribution partners.

Our network is growing with our own warehouses in around 14 cities in India. We have been constantly striving to achieve increasingly higher standards of work and this has reflected in the customer feedback we receive. We are currently appreciated by more than 2,500 customers throughout India that we serve; not only for our post sales support, but also our pre-sales support. delivery and time-commitment.

Since our inception, we have our in-house team of professionals both in sales and technical department. They are highly qualified and trained in marketing, technology and custom made CRM software. Under an experienced and motivating leadership, the professionally-driven experts drive Vin Industries to a distinct global position. 

Owing to its in-house research, Vin Industries has many firsts to its credit in context of Indian additive scenario like

  • Manufacturing Vinflex range of Desiccants for plastic and rubber processing
  • Manufacturing  Vinbond rangeMaleic Anhydride Grafted Polymers
We offer a range of products for processors in the Plastics, Rubber and Cable Industries. These are :
  • Vinflex and Dessichem brands of Desiccant (moisture absorbers / moisture removers) for applications ranging from recycling, plastic compounding to rubber processing;
  • Vinbond brand of Maleic Anhydride and GMA grafted polymers for applications like coupling agents, adhesion promoters, compatibilizers and like;
  • VinGran brand of Pre-dispersions of rubber chemicals like Sulphur / blowing agents etc for uniform curing crosslinking of rubbers;
  • ChamakShakti and Strengthex brands of Processing aids and other additives for Plastic Reprocessors
  • Dyna-Purge brand of world leading Purging Compounds for the injection Molding industry
  • Eli-Heat range of processing Aids for Injection Molders
  • LamiAid brand of additives to enhance Lamination in Woven Sack industry
  • CableAid range of processing aids for Cable Manufacturers
  • and a growing range of products …

Read about our Company Profile and our track record, discover our Management Team that has helped build a sales network spanning 30+ cities in India and exports to 17+ countries. If this prompts you to sell our products by becoming a distributor or use our sales channel to sell your products, just drop us a mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spam-bots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Also explore how our team also does fun projects, and strives to be a good corporate citizen and how this is making Vin Industries a great place to work.