Career with Vin


Vin Industries is a fast growing organization. To take care of our growing business, we are looking for the following candidates to join the Vin family:

a) Resident Sales Executives / Sr. Sales Executives for following areas:

The candidate(s) should:

  • Be an Indian citizen
  • Possess above average intelligence and exceptional integrity
  • Possess own conveyance (The company reimburses work related travel as per company norms)
  • Be willing to travel extensively
  • Have prior sales experience of 2-5 years of Direct Industrial sales
  • Persons having prior sales experience of selling polymers / additives / fillers to plastic processors shall be highly preferred
  • In Kolkata and Bangalore, the sales people will operate out of the company office where in other places, they will operate out of their residence
  • Vin Industries is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate amongst candidates on basis of Gender/Race/Caste/Colour/Religion/Marital Status/Political Belief or Sexual Orientation.
  • Selected candidates shall be provided product training and technical support.
  • Compensation package shall be competitive and be in line with the industry standard and not be a constraint for the right candidate. Attractive sales related incentives are offered.

Interested candidates may mail their resumes to

b)Research Associates – Three Exceptional Team Players

What we are looking for :

  • At least M. Sc. (Organic Chemistry) with a first class. However if you are a still a student and would like to carry out a summer project, do get in touch
  • Proven experience in using the Net and other resources like libraries for information search
  • Prior experience in Patent Search
  • Willingness to work in time bound, project oriented environment
  • Commitment to stick out for at least 12 months
  • Ability to work with confidentiality

The work will include:

  • Working with the Technical Director on improvements to the existing products
  • Working with the Technical Director on new products / product concepts
  • Developing new formulations
  • Modifying existing formulations
  • Carrying out trials in laboratory / on plastic extruders

What the work will also involve:

  • Searching on the Net for potential market segments
  • Technical search for similar products in the market in India and abroad

What you can look for:

  • Chance of learning and growing in your subject
  • Fun atmosphere
  • Chance of carrying out research of your interest in ~ 20% of time
  • Very attractive package
  • Ability to structure your compensation package in a manner that is tax efficient for you
  • Potential of stock options / royalty in case of significant developments

Send your resumes to