Vin Industries serves its customers in Plastic, Rubber, FRP, and Cable Industries. Naturally, these customers carry out a variety of processes. For the ease of searching, they are listed below.

Plastic Recycling

For LDPE Recyclers, Dessichem removes moisture and ChamakShakti improves surface finish
For ABS Recyclers, where other desiccants simply do not work, No Moist removes moisture and Impact+ increases impact strength
For PVC Recyclers, AquaNil is specially formulated desiccant to remove moisture.
For PP Recyclers we offer DC Ultra
For Nylon Recyclers , Impact+ increases the impact strength of the recycled Nylon.

Film Manufacturers

For Increasing filler loading we offer FillMor
For Carry Bag manufacturing we offer StrengtheX
For Garbage Bag Manufacturers we offer RecycloAid

Pipe Manufacturers

For PVC Rigid Pipes we offer ProAid V005
For Rigid HDPE Pipes we offer ProcezAid

For FIBC Manufacturers we offer LamiAid

For PVC Plastisol Processors we offer VinAid UC


For Polymer Compounders we offer Vinflex P, VinBond & Impact +

PVC Processors

For PVC Processors we offer AquaNil, CableAid, ProAid & VinAid .